Plasma Rich Fibrin


Q: What is Plasma Rich Fibrin?

A: Plasma Rich Fibrin (L-PRF) is a mesh made by spinning down whole blood and harvesting the platelet and leukocyte containing fibrin fraction. It is a non-thrombinized autologous graft material that releases growth factors over an extended period of time. Having the platelets within a non-thrombinized fibrin mesh, along with leukocytes, releases PDGF, VEGF, TGFb, and thrombospodin over 7-14 days, precisely when angiogenesis is peaking and bone growth begins.

PRP requires the use of thrombin to help release growth factors from alpha granules within the platelets. This sudden releases of cytokines is available for approximately 7-14 hours. After that, the effect of these growth factors dramatically diminishes.

L-PRF is superior to PRP and PRGF because there is actually an INCREASE in cytokine relase at the most important time during wound healing.

L-PRF is used to fabricate autogous membranes that can be sutured in place and will increase the biotype of tissue. It can also be used to fabricate plugs for extraction sites and in extraction/immediate implant sites to graft the space between implant and facial plate as an alternative to bone grafting.

Pre-Op Presentation:

Patient presented with a nonrestorable tooth #8.
PRF2.jpg PRF3.jpg

Pre-Op Preparation of PRF:

Blood is drawn from the patient and spun in the Process PRF centrifuge.
PRF4_150x125.jpg PRF5.jpg
The PRF is then converted to PRF membranes.
PRF6.jpg PRF7.jpg

SIte Presevation:

The tooth is atraumatically extracted and the site is grafted.
PRF8_150x125.jpg PRF9_150x125.jpg
The grafted site is covered with PRF membranes.
PRF10.jpg PRF111_150x125.jpg

Healing of Site:

After weeks healing period, site is ready to receive a dental implant.
PRF121.jpg PRF13.jpg

Delivery of Dental Implant to Site:

Implant fixture is delivered to site and covered with another PRF membrane to facilitate and enhance soft tissue closure.
PRF14.jpg PRF15.jpg PRF161.jpg

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