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Dr. Angela Leung provides treatment for traumatic tooth injuries in South San Francisco, California. There are a number of different injuries that may result from accidents or other problems, and we will work with you to find a solution that will restore your smile to full health and beauty. Please call us at 415-681-2697 as soon as possible if you have a tooth injury or other emergency and make an appointment to meet with our endodontist.

Common tooth injuries include:

  • Dislodged Teeth – Some injuries may cause your tooth to be dislodged in your mouth, pushing it sideways, out of or into the tooth socket. Our endodontist will reposition and stabilize the tooth. A root canal may be needed to fully restore the tooth.
  • Knocked-Out Teeth – Knocked-out teeth require immediate Contact our office immediately to make arrangements to meet with our endodontist and receive care. Hold the tooth only by the crown and do not touch the root surface. Quickly and gently rinse the tooth in water, and do not use soap. If you can place the tooth back into your socket please do so. If you cannot put the tooth back in the socket, keep it moist by putting it in milk, holding the tooth between your mouth and cheek, or putting it into a special solution available at most drug stores (Save-A-Tooth).

If you have any questions about traumatic tooth injuries or would like to make an appointment with our endodontist, call us today at 415-681-2697.