Angela Leung, DDS PC - The Endodontics Implant Center

Angela is such a confident positive professional that she really eased my anxiety. Excellent bedside manners. Very informative with an easy demeanor. Smiling eyes don’t hurt either. J. Mercado 7/4/2018

Dr. Leung is simply the best! A true expert in her field, professional, and she has a caring heart for her patients and their well-being. Dr. Leung's staff are excellent - easy to contact and work with. I. Freydkis 6/29/2018

I was very satisfied with the quality of Angela’s work. She was very efficient and very professional. I am recommending Dr. Leung to family and friends. J. Rivera 6/14/2018

Great friendly office and love being a patient. E. Conceicao 6/5/2018

Nice facility , great service and convenient location. M. Pikna 6/4/2018

Dr Leung is very professional in handling crisis situations which gives the patient confidence. My husband, my son, and I have used her services for specialized care when we were having emergency dental issues and each time we have been very satisfied. I did not do a cost comparison, so that might be something I would suggest looking into in advance, (though hard to do in an emergency) but the quality of the work is excellent. M. Scholze 5/10/2018

Service with a smile!!!!! E. Knopf 5/7/2018

Dr.Leung is always available for her patients in need of urgent care. None better S. Landi 4/28/2018

I am very satisfied as a patient of Dr. Leung. She is professional, yet extremely personable! She spent a lot of time explaining the condition of my teeth, gums etc so that I could understand the procedures she recommended. I had an unusual problem that involved my sinus, and she was very thorough in addressing it, and innovative in her approach. She obviously loves her work, her profession; and that translates into a profile of a dentist who performs excellent work, is attentive to the needs of her patients, and who loves to creatively think of the best way to address the unique problems of every patient. C. Tuite (too-it) 4/17/2018

friendly service and experienced C. Mangaliaman 4/11/2018

Everyone was warm and friendly. S.L. Acunin 4/6/2018

Best possible service always given. S. Siliato 3/27/2018

Dr. Leung explains everything and does not rush through the process. I really appreciated her taking an extra appointment to finish my root canal. (too much bleeding). Most root canal process is difficult. I have no challenges and was happy with the follow up appointments that everything was AOk. Thanks for the care. M. Wong 3/21/2018

I went to see Dr. Leung for a root canal gone bad and she and her staff were friendly and so professional. She did an amazing job and I was pain free and on my way in record time. I would highly recommend Dr. Leung for all of your dental needs. D. O'gorman 3/1/2018

I received excellent and rapid treatment from Dr. Leung and her staff. In additional to the great endodontal service, they are all very friendly and professional. I had a lot of cold, hot, and tap sensitivity of one of my teeth. My dentist recommended that I consult with Dr. Leung for a possible root canal procedure. Although it was a weekend, Dr. Leung returned my call herself and scheduled me for a consultation on Monday. After an exam and answering my numerous questions about the problem, the procedure, and the financial considerations, Dr. Leung said that she could take care of the root canal immediately. I had no pain throughout the procedure and the sore tooth is not sore any longer. N. Matsui 2/7/2018

They provide GREAT SERVICE!!!! J. Tevis 2/6/2018

They were so quick to accommodate me in an emergency situation (lots of pain) and got my root canal done same day! The office was very modern and comfortable. Dr. Leung was very personable and made you feel like you were having a simple procedure. I was very appreciative. D. Dueck 2/6/2018

I appreciate the reminders...and that there are not a lot of them! One and done! I appreciate it. M. Trigueiro 1/22/2018

From the moment of arriving to DR. Leung 's dental office. Easy to find, Lot's of parking, friendly staff. Dental office is big and clean, state of the art equipment. DR. Leung explained to me thoroughly about the root canal procedure I was about to have. I had two root canal's performed the same time. DR. Leung was really quick and precise at what she was doing . I was comfortable throughout the procedure. I think her beautiful singing also helped me relax. F. Velez 1/12/2018

Dr. Leung is very knowledgeable in her field and tries to help your case in the most cost effective way. E. Juarez 1/12/2018

Dr. Leung is very warm but at the same time professional. P. Panagopoulos 1/4/2018

3rd December 2017. It is all about trust! I fully trust Dr. Leung. C. Bersani-Inocencio 12/3/2017

You and your entire staff are THE BEST ! M. Juricich 11/30/2017

Angela L. A very dedicated doctor who extremely honest in her procedure gives the best options and opinions. I trust her work will recommend her to everyone . A. Rafiq 11/30/2017

The staff and Dr. Leung are amazing! Very knowledgeable, kind and compassionate. D. Samora 11/22/2017

我在這裡做了 重新根管治療 我沒有保險 費用是3500+400左右 醫生是專業的 有善的 她給了我很多合理的建議 關於我的牙齒 材質是最好的 技術是一流的 當然相對費用是高的 但她可以給妳100分的完美 醫生也是一位愛貓人士好技術找她就對了~(I have done a re-root canal treatment here I do not have insurance costs are 3500 + 400 or so doctors are professional and kind she gave me a lot of reasonable advice about my dental material is the best technology is first class of course, the relative cost is But she can give you a perfect 100 points doctor is also a cat lover good technology to find her right ~! M. Lin 11/2/2017 Yelp 5 star review

I had a great experience during my visit, everyone was very friendly and Dr. Angela Leung was amazing. W. Henriquez 10/31/2017

Everyone is nice. My teeth and root canal process was excellent. W. Wong 10/25/2017

Dr. Leung and her Team are Awesome. Highly recommend. P. Plummer 10/12/2017

Dr. Leung explains options clearly and conducts procedures with great skill and causing minimum discomfort. J. Crittenden 9/30/2017

Dr. Leung and her support staff are absolutely the best for your oral surgery needs!!! I. Freydkis 9/28/2017

It is already a difficult thing to realize you may need a root canal, implant, extraction, etc. Yet, Dr. Leung's office staff and Dr. Leung, herself, work really hard both personally and professionally to make a tough road a lot easier. A few extractions and a few implants later, I am very relieved to have sought the help of Dr. Leung. She is as determined as the patient for a successful outcome; determined, assertive and aggressive in finding the best possible long-term solution. I'm with her for the long haul! M. Trigueiro 9/20/2017

I was concerned because part of a tooth chipped off during flossing. Dr Leung's staff immediately scheduled on appointment for me and within a very short time Dr Leung assessed the problem guiding me through a resolution. I cannot thank her and her staff enough for such excellent care and thoughtful kind service. S. Siliato 9/15/2017

Excellent, relatively quick and painless procedures. I had two root canals done on back to back days and it could not have went any smoother! I would definitely recommend. M. Tatola 9/12/2017

Dr. Leung was great!!! The staff was awesome!!! Everyone was really nice. If you ever need someone to take care of your root canal, Dr. Leung and her team is the way to go!!!! M. Arceneaux 9/12/2017

No pain toot gone, ever one was Great. Thank You. R. Brown 9/8/2017

Dr. Leung is highly professional, and I have no hesitation in recommending, based on the amazing results of Dr. Leung's work. And congratulations on the new office space, Dr. Leung! M. Wineke 9/7/2017

Friday morning I was at work and I had a dentist appointment to have my teeth whitened down the hall from Dr. Leung. Unfortunately one of my old crowns came out and I began to panic. Dr. Ku being my dentist very calmly says there's a really good specialist down the hall let me see if they can fit you in. Not only did they fit me in the doctor and staff made me feel at ease with their hospitality. Dr. Leung with her 23 years experience gave me a few options on what I could do. I'm used to doctors giving you options then sending you out the door, only to have to return to get treatment, this was not the case. After she gave me the options and I choose to do what she recommended, she moved me to another chair and gave the most gentle shots I have ever been given. She finished up in the other room and then moved me to the operating chair. Normally a root canal would take 45 minutes to an hour ( if they are good)... Not Dr. Leung, her precision and ninja like ways had me out of the chair and feeling better with 30 minutes, out the door I went. The office ladies are so nice and fit me in to a early in the week appointment for a follow up. What could've be a ruined Friday and weekend turn into something special to me... being in good hands is one of the best things a person can be, especially when it come to oral surgery and your teeth. Dr. Leung and lovely office ladies THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart! W. Garside 8/13/2017

Dr. Leung is the consummate professional, always on time, knowledgeable and takes care of you with a smile. No reason to be afraid to take care of your teeth if you have Dr. Leung in your corner! K. Dearman 8/8/2017

I have already recommended Dr. Leung to others -- including my spouse. C. Cole 7/22/2017

Dr Leung is extremely professional and yet at the same time very friendly with a great sense of humor. It was a wonderful experience. C. Gomez 7/19/2017

I had a toothache that GD's weren't able to diagnose. I went to see Dr. Leung based on her reviews and haven't look back. Dr. Leung is a friendly, patient, and knowledgeable Endodontist who helped me understand the possible causes, provided a lot of details around my situation, and treated my condition with the utmost care. I highly recommend Dr. Leung for any patient who likes to take part in their treatment and prefers to work with knowledgable and caring dental provider. T. Watanabe 7/18/2017

She exudes confidence; I like her very much. I am happy with this referral from my dentist. R. Nilsen 7/1/2017

Angela Leung is great! She took the time to explained everything in such detail and how procedures would be done and answered all of my questions and ensured I was ok before starting an operation. P. Ying 7/1/2017

very knowledge and explanation detail about what happen about the teeth. Y.Y. Tran 6/30/2017

Dr. Leung has always been courteous to me and has always explained to me the procedure she was about to perform A. Gonzalez 6/7/2017

Dr. Leung is personable, professional and thorough. She also has a great bedside manner with kids. Highly recommend. I. Mye 6/6/2017

Care and attention is great and I got that. My procedures were not rushed and coming back a second time to finish the root canal was good. M. Wong 5/27/2017

Dr Leung loves her profession (and her cats) and it shows. Always in a positive mood and very personable. Her staff is wonderful and the new digs are happenin' ! I've had a number of surgeries and implants and it has been restively pain free. I wholeheartedly recommend Dr. Angela Leung and her great staff. D. Cherry 5/24/2017

Very knowledgeable and friendly. T. Sinor 4/5/2017

DR. Leung DDS is an excellent dentist. While I can't say having a dental implant is my favorite thing to do, DR Leung takes the time to carefully explain the procedure and to insure that the patient is as comfortable as possible. I came away with a great result and highly recommend her and her staff. J. Sturges 4/3/2017

Dr Leung and her staff are very Competent, Polite, and Friendly. They made time in their busy schedule to fit me in for my emergency procedure. G. Rowbury 3/31/2017

Loved the new office in South San Francisco. A lot of space. A. Gonzalez 3/27/2017

Who knew a Root Canal could be so much fun? P. Connolly 3/16/2017

Dr. Leung and her office were fantastic. The procedure itself was painless -- and certainly a lot less painful than the infected tooth. Dr. Leung explained the procedure every step of the way, got to work the same day and worked efficiently. While I hope I don't have need for additional root canals, if I do I know it will be Dr. Leung who does them. Highest recommendation! C. Cole 3/14/2017

Dr. Leung is a master at what she does. I felt completely confident under her care, and very satisfied with the result. B. Wagman, Bruce 2/26/2017

As painless as an extraction of an accessed tooth can be. Dr Leung took the time to explain each step along the way. J. Petrie 2/14/2017

Lovely new offices. Professional, friendly staff. Excellent Doctor with many years of experience. You are being treated by the best! K. Cummins 2/11/2017

Dr. Leung is detailed oriented and thoughtful. B.K. Tam 2/9/2017

Dr. Angela and her team is Great! J. Tevis 1/26/2017

I received immediate care and immediate relief. Thank you! M. Trigueiro 12/14/2016

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